STSZ, a. s. is the successor company of the Machine and Tractor Station, which was established on January 1st, 1947 as a state machine station with a long tradition of repairing agricultural machinery. Years later, it also began to built overhauls of trailers and semi-trailers for companies throughout the former Czechoslovakia. 

Establishment of the current company STSZ, a. s. dates back to 1995. The newly established company followed the good name of STS, š. P. Trnava and continues its activities to this day. 

In this area, our company ranks among the top workplaces. In addition to repairs and servicing of trailers and semi-trailers, the company's activities also include the sale of spare parts, production and engineering activities and rental of non-residential premises.

The basic mission of the company is to constantly satisfy the needs of customers through repairs and servicing of truck trailers, maintaining and building relationships with customers, increasing the quality of repairs, service and manufactured products.

The company's goal is to increase its share in the industry in the Slovak market, expand cooperation with companies with a similar focus, retain stable customers and gain new satisfied customers.